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Today Biostar, having a wide range of up-to-date printing presses can offer its customers high-quality two-component and UV-printing.


Printing with two-component inks — a type of letterpress printing using flexible photopolymer printing plates (cliché) with low viscosity rapid-setting inks.

The high level of applied technology guarantees excellent image quality and high-class color reproduction of pattern of any complexity.


UV printing the printing with ultra-violet inks that are immediately cured due to reaction of photopolymerization carried out exposed to a strong ultraviolet radiation.


Advantages of ultra-violet printing:

  • color depth and saturation;
  • color fidelity;
  • stability of the color parameters of each print;
  • accurate reproduction of the brand colors;
  • 360° printing for all-round graphic designs;
  • high mechanical and chemical stability of the paint layer;
  • ability to print full-color high-resolution images, including photographic images.


Applied inks, regardless of the type of printing, have a high degree of grease and water resistance. Print applied to the casing does not deteriorate under the influence of a temperature, react to smoke fume components or get modified during the heat treatment; it is abrasion and stretch resistant and shrinks along with the casing. An important advantage of applied inks is full guarantee of safety for the consumers’ health.


Experienced personnel and client-centered approach are the key features that allow us to provide printing services at the highest professional level.