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About Biostar Company

Since 1997 the Biostar Group has been supplying Russian meat-processing factories with a wide range of artificial sausage casings (polyamide, fibrous, collagen), natural sausage casings, flexible packaging materials and food ingredients. Our client base estimates more than 1000 companies from different regions of Russia and abroad.

The Biostar Group is the representative company of world-famous producers: ViskoTeepak, Fibran, Innovia, CTH, Tripar S.A., Minerva Foods, Nubassa, Indasia, Scanflavour, JBS, DCP B.V. and other companies.

The success of Biostar is driven by professionals with an extensive working experience in the meat-processing industry, experts who perfectly know their products. We build the relationships with our customers on the basis of long-term strategic partnership.

Biostar is represented in five regions of Russia with the head office located in Saint Petersburg and representative offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kaliningrad allowing us to maintain and develop an efficient distribution system.

The group of companies has its own production of polyamide artificial sausage casings. High-performance equipment of the production site, qualified staff and high-quality raw materials allow us to create the products with high consumer properties. The quality of our products is controlled and ensured at each stage of the production process, from extrusion to printing and shirring.

The Biostar Group has a modern A-class warehouse. In order to ensure the best possible safety conditions of the goods in stock, constant temperature and humidity levels are maintained in the warehouse facility, regardless of the season and weather conditions. Warehouse capacity, high professional level of the terminal workers and effective transport logistics enable systematic and well-coordinated functioning of the production unit.

A design studio of the Biostar Group is a part of the production unit. The development and prepress of the layout designs is carried out here.

The personnel of our design studio are skilled professionals with vast experience in the field of sausage casing design development with a good insight of essence and specifics of prepress processes using both two-component and UV-printing.