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Biolon Light (LT)

Synthetic multilayer heat-shrinking sausage casing Biolon Light (LT) is produced from a composite of polyamides and high pressure polyethylene by means of co-extrusion with biaxial orientation.

Biolon MS casing has very high strength that allows to obtain products of dense structure, preserves linked sausage against damage during thermal treatment and prevent formation of longitudinal fractures (reeds) while cutting, including also sausage with high substitutions of meat raw products.


Cooked sausage, pork steak, liver sausage, paste and mock brawn, melted cheese and cultured milk products, frozen food, etc. which do not require smoking.

  • high mechanical strength;
  • stable casing quality;
  • high heat-shrinking properties;
  • size uniformity;
  • multicolor printing;
  • ability for clipping by all types of equipment;
  • prevention of products against oxidation, since the causing is a barrier for water vapor, carbonic acid, air and ultraviolet rays;
  • ncrease of the shelf life up to 60 days for cocked sausage;
  • lack of losses during thermal treatment and storage;
  • good external appearance of the products during the entire shelf life (even and smooth linked sausage);
  • preservation of sausage flavor and their protection against off-odors;
  • good ability of the casing to come off the finished product;
  • the possibility to freeze the products.
  • While preparing the casing (reel unwinding , cutting to sections) it is necessary to exclude friction of reel bottom on any surface.
  • Unwinding of the reel is to be made only in a vertical position when supported by a cardboard frame.
  • Casing in reels before stuffing should be cut on pieces and to be soaked in water with temperature 18-25°C for 30 minutes. Internal layer of casing should be moistened by water.
    To prevent causing shrinkage it is prohibited to soak casing in water with the temperature in excess of 25°С!
  • Shirring casing is to be soaked in water at the temperature 18-25°С without net removal during 40-60 minutes, completely dipping it into water.
  • Unused soaked casing is to be drawn from water and left in a cool space away from heat and draught, for repeated use the casing is to be re-soaked.
  • Due to high strength characteristics it is necessary to use clips of relevant dimension type and rigidity to obtain the recommended overfilling. Biolon MS casing above 75 mm in the size is to be only fixed by clips ensuring high holding ability!
  • Recommended casing overfilling - 10% of a nominal size.
Nominal casing size, in mmRecommended diameter after filling, in mmHorne size (outer diameter ), in mm
45 49-51 28
50 54-56 28
55 59-61 36
60 65-67 36
65 70-72 36
70 75-78 48
75 80-83 48
80 86-90 48
85 91-95 48
90 97-101 48
100 98-102 48
120 130-134 48

It is strictly forbidden to puncture casing. Thermal treatment may be conducted in all types of thermal chambers. Sausage cooking is to be performed stepwise:

  • 1 stage – at the temperature of 50-55°С up to the temperature of 30-35°С in the center of linked sausage;
  • 2 stage - at the temperature of 65-70°С up to the temperature of 55°С in the center of linked sausage;
  • 3 stage - at the temperature of 78-85°С up to the temperature of 72°С in the center of linked sausage; On thermal treatment completing it is necessary to perform cooling (atomizer water spraying) of products up to 20-25°С in the center of linked sausage! to +6°С.
  • casing is to be stored indoor in the Manufacturer's packing in the closed clean dry storage rooms free of foreign odors, protected against daylight, at the distance of at least 1 meter of heating elements at the temperature not exceeding 25С and relative humidity not exceeding 75 %;
  • it is strictly forbidden to throw boxes with casing or subject them to shock;
  • casing stored at the temperature below 0°С, prior to use is to be kept in the ambient temperature for at least 24 hours prior to opening the packing.
  • guaranteed storage life of the casing is 1 year from the date of manufacturing, provided the original packing integrity.

The Manufacturer's guarantees remain valid, provided the observance of the present recommendations for the use of casing and the requirements to storage conditions